Sick Policy

In accordance with the California State licensing policy, your child cannot be admitted to Day Care with symptoms of illness as specified below; unless written documentation from a licensed physician stating that the child has been diagnosed and poses no serious health risk to the child or to other children.

Should your child have signs or symptoms requiring exclusion from Little Blessings Day Care he\she will be isolated and parent\guardian or other authorize person by the parent will be notified immediately to pick up your child.  There can be no exceptions since illness spreads quickly among children. 

Please make other arrangements if your child is sick and respect my decision if I feel your child is too sick to be in child care.  I am sympathetic to the difficulties of taking time off, so discretion will be used.   The symptoms of illness for possible exclusion shall include, but are not limited to any of the following:

  1. The illness prevents your child from participating comfortably in the day care environment.

  2. The illness results in greater care need than I can provide with compromising the health and safety of the other children in my care.

  3. The child has any of this conditions:

  • Temperature:  Oral temperature 101 degrees or greater, axillary (armpit) temperature 100 degrees or grater; accompanied by behaviour change or other signs or symptoms of illness until medical evaluation indicates inclusion in the facility. 

  • Symptoms and signs of possible sever illness (such as unusual lethargy, uncontrolled coughing, irritability, persistent crying, difficult breathing, wheezing, or other unusual signs) until medical evaluation allows inclusion.

  • Uncontrolled diarrhea, that is, increase number of stools, increase stool water, and\or decrease form that is not contained by diaper until diarrhea stops.

  • Vomiting illness (two or more episodes of vomiting in the previous 24 hours) until vomiting resolves or until a health care provider determines the illness to be non-communicable, and the child is not in danger of dehydration.